About Me

Hi, I'm Joie!

I live in a small, yet vibrant town in Utah surrounded by breathtaking mountains, high deserts, dinosaur fossils, lakes & rivers, and all 4 seasons...it really is such a magical corner of the planet.

My favorite things are warm beverages on cold mornings, watching my 2 autistic children adapt and experience the world in their own unique ways, mindless tv, going for walks, people watching in crowded places, and having my husband make me gut-laugh so hard I can't breath.

When I turned 16 and got my first job, I took my very first paycheck and begged my mom to help me buy a camcorder. There has just always been something I have loved about documenting life and telling stories through photography and video. It is powerful. It can move people to action. It can evoke emotion. It can bring back memories and feelings in a way nothing else can.